Roger Williams

Roger Williams

The first introduction to the real automobile world was representing AP Parts of Canada in Toronto.

After a lengthy number of years with AP, a challenge was offered to introduce to Eastern Canada a well-respected rotating electrical line manufactured in Winnipeg. The introduction was very successful and became the electrical product of choice in the automotive, heavy duty and industrial sector.

To gain international experience, a five-year contract was accepted as a Director of Business Affairs with the Canadian Board of Trade. This was to create and direct the marketing and construction team in building a master distribution automotive warehouse and a service workshop network in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

On return, an offer was accepted to head up the Apple Auto Glass franchise group consisting of 120 locations Canada wide. After a few years, the Apple Auto Glass Group was purchased by Belron a Montreal based company, at that time, the Apple Auto Glass and Speedy Auto Glass stores were combined and continues to operate very successfully under the Belron Group of Companies.

In later years, businesses have offer contracts to creative successful and profitable marketing programs.

As of late, Director of Sales for ASA the licensed distributor for the Veedol product portfolio of passenger car and heavy duty lubricants. In that role, the responsibility was to oversee the distribution, sales and marketing activities of the Veedol brand of lubricants across Canada. The major focus was to reintroduce and strengthen the Veedol brand of lubricants in the Canadian market. There has been steady growth with a very positive feedback from the market.

The current role, as a business consultant is to guide and assist existing businesses meet all their goals in a timely, successful manner.