Stereo and Alarm Retailer


Using Water Doctors as a way to diversify during the typical car stereo installation: your tech lifts up the carpeting to run power leads and notices water under the carpets. He can now cross sell that customer into repairing his water leak and replacing the wet detner, increasing the invoice amount with very little additional expense and at the same time making the customer happy.

Using Water Doctors to minimize your day to day liabilities: Your customer returns to your shop after the first rain following the installation of their stereo system very irate and screaming that their car carpet is soaking wet and is blaming it on the stereo installation. Your technician can turn to Water Doctors, enter the year, make, and model, then pull up the relevant info and search. He or she can also review the diagnostic section of Water Doctors and have access to an 800 number for live technical support. It is very possible that you could turn this situation into an additional sale of a water leak repair if you can show the customer that you have diagnosed the problem and it is not related to the stereo installation. On the other hand if there is no possibility of an additional sale and the problem just needs to be corrected quickly and correctly, Water Doctors can help diagnose the problem, show recommended tools needed, show the appropriate sealers to use and the approximate time required. Minimizing the time you have the customers car.