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When it comes to water leaks and wind noises, technicians don't have the knowledge to FIND and MAKE the repair. We've all heard stories of technicians spending six non-billable hours diagnosing a water leak only to find that when they do make the repair, the car is returned in a week with the same problem.

This obviously cuts down on productivity, profit and negatively affects the Customer Service Index (CSI).

Water Doctors gives you the opportunity to keep work "in house" thus eliminating sublet companies to do the job.

It also gives you the information and knowledge to correctly write a warranty claim, maximizing profit.

This product can be used as a training tool for your entire staff.

It saves you sending a technician to training seminars at a cost of $400 to $800 per person plus expenses plus the loss of productivity of that technician for the day. These seminars usually cover 1 subject or 1 repair on 1 type of vehicle. Compare that to a training tool that is always available to the entire staff with a wide range of repairs on a wide range of automobiles.

This allows you to use that training money on all of your staff and not just your technicians.

If you are an Water Doctors customer and you still need some help, we are only a phone call away on our toll free technical assistance line.

With manufacturers offering new car warranties closing in on 100,000 miles, Water Doctors is an easy, economical resource for additional income with a next to nothing start up cost.